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Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent in Every Individual


Holistic, Academic, Education

King Edward VI Grammar School

Edward Street, Louth LN11 9LL

T: 01507 600456


The Sixth Form at King Edward's is an integral part of our School Community and each year we have approximately 30 to 40 students apply to join us from other secondary schools in the area, as well as new students who join us from other parts of the county and the country.


At King Edward's we specialise in preparing students for University entrance and have a track record of success in this area that has been recognised both by OFSTED and by The Sutton Trust who ranked us second out of eighty three secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.   We ask pupils to focus on their three core A Level choices from the beginning of Year 12.  In addition all pupils will complete Cambridge University's two year Pre-U Independent Research Project that encourages students to look ahead and begin undertaking structured independent research on one of their first year undergraduate modules. By encouraging students to develop their undergraduate skills now we can not only produce exceptionally well qualified students but more importantly we are developing the skills to help them become successful undergraduates and well rounded adults.  












We have invested heavily in our Sixth Form Cafe, Study and Higher Education Centre that has a College feel immersing our students in an environment that reflects the type of experience they will have as students at a premier University.  In addition to our strong pastoral team we also employ dedicated Learning Mentors to help support students with their organisation and to handle the transition to independent study.  Our dedicated specialist Higher Education Coordinator’s role is to network with Universities and Admissions Tutors and provide our students with greater insight into the most appropriate course for them.


We are here to Encourage Excellence and Nurture Talent and our role is to help provide support and strong pastoral care to our students during what are arguably some of the most challenging times in their teenage years.  We want to work with our students and help them to succeed: even if this means that at times we must carry them across the finishing line.  For external students who join us their comments are often the most insightful.


One Of The UK's Top A Level Providers

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I really didn't think I would fit in at all but actually I soon realised that all of my ideas about the types of children who come to a Grammar School were completely wrong. There are some really amazingly intelligent students but a large number are just like me clever but  have to work at it.  What is great is being surrounded by people who want to sort of motivates you to want to do the same and try to be better.

I found moving from a Comprehensive to a Grammar far less worrying than I thought.  I thought everyone would be very posh or really clever when in fact there is a really good mix of all sorts of different people.  I passed the test in Year 7 but my parents decided not to send me.  I now wish I had come here for all of my schooling.

Sixth Form at KEVIGS is so different from my time at my last school.  I have made some great friends for life, and got involved in things like CCF and Drama which I did not really have the chance to do at my last school. The teachers have been really supportive and helpful and the transition from a tiny rural school to a larger Sixth Form has been very easy.      I say why not join us?



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